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Torness reactor shut by seaweed

Torness reactor shut by seaweed

One of the two nuclear power reactors at Torness in East Lothian has been shut down today because of seaweed blocking its cooling system. In a letter to members of the site’s local liaison council, the station’s director, Paul Winkle, said that reactor number one was turned off this morning. The reactor is meant to provide 600 megawatts of electricity for over one million homes. The reactor was…

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Scottish Government spycops review condemned

Scottish Government spycops review condemned

Police Scotland car | CC | Steven Straiton
Victims of undercover police officers who abused their powers have condemned the Scottish Government for its response to their fears that a forthcoming review into covert policing by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary in Scotland could be a “whitewash”. The Scottish Government ordered a review of undercover policing in Scotland in September after UK ministers refused to extend an existing…

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HMICS Pitchford Inquiry Police Scotland spycops undercover policing

Lord Bonomy recommends change on fox hunting law

Lord Bonomy recommends change on fox hunting law

The law on fox hunting should be changed to make it easier to prosecute hunts who break the law, according to a report published today by Lord Bonomy, who was asked to examine the issue by the Scottish Government. The judge says that Scotland’s laws are “complicated” and he has recommended change to make prosecutions easier. The hunting of foxes with hounds was banned in Scotland under the…

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Countryside Alliance fox hunting LACS Lord Bonomy Scotland

Controls not tough enough to prevent fracking pollution, says report

Controls not tough enough to prevent fracking pollution, says report

Scotland’s environmental regulation is not strong enough to prevent fracking causing climate pollution, an expert report for the Scottish Government has concluded. The report, one of six on fracking and other forms of unconventional oil and gas published today, was written by the UK advisory Committee on Climate Change. The current regulatory framework for controlling greenhouse gas emissions…

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climate change Committee on Climate Change fracking Health Protection Scotland methane Paul Wheelhouse Scottish Government

Fox hunting law “unworkable” according to Police Scotland

Fox hunting law “unworkable” according to Police Scotland

The law on fox hunting in Scotland is “unworkable” according to a submission by Police Scotland to Lord Bonomy’s review of the current legislation. The hunting of foxes with hounds was banned in Scotland in 2002 under the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act which was passed in an attempt to prevent cruelty to animals. But hunts are still allowed to use dogs to flush out foxes and chase them…

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Scottish Government blocks plans to burn coal under the sea

Scottish Government blocks plans to burn coal under the sea

The Scottish Government has blocked plans to set fire to coal under the sea because it “poses numerous and serious environmental risks”. The energy minister Paul Wheelhouse announced this afternoon that underground coal gasification (UCG)  “will have no place in Scotland’s energy mix at this time”. He has also asked the UK Government not to issue any new licences for the technology, and to…

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DWP spent £92, 249.86 trying to prevent disclosure of workfare providers

DWP spent £92, 249.86 trying to prevent disclosure of workfare providers

The Department of Work and Pensions spent nearly £100,000 on legal fees in an attempt to derail attempts to find out which organisations were benefiting from controversial workfare schemes.  In January 2012, Boycott Workfare campaigners submitted a Freedom of Information request seeking the identities of all the UK organisations that were participating in controversial workfare schemes.  They…

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Police Scotland under fire for freedom of information failings

Police Scotland under fire for freedom of information failings

The Scottish Information Commissioner, Rosemary Agnew, has reprimanded Police Scotland for failing to implement freedom of information (FoI) law. In her latest annual report, published today, she points out that the number of appeals against the police for not providing information has increased by 80 per cent from 45 in 2014-15 to 81 in 2015-16. Police Scotland received 2,839 FoI requests last…

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Mapped: how a nuclear convoy crash could contaminate Glasgow

Mapped: how a nuclear convoy crash could contaminate Glasgow

A serious road accident involving the nuclear bomb convoy in Glasgow could contaminate a large swathe of the city and put hundreds of thousands of people at risk, according to a new analysis. Using US defence software, disarmament campaigners have mapped the impact of a major crash at the junction of the M8 and M74 near the city centre. Radioactive plutonium and uranium could leak from nuclear…

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Alison Thewlis Glasgow Hotspot International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons Janet Fenton Martha Wardrop Ministry of Defence nuclear convoy Nukes of hazard Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

INEOS PR plan to greet fracking boat

INEOS PR plan to greet fracking boat

The petrochemical giant INEOS is planning a public relations push for fracking tomorrow, as a boatload of gas arrives at Grangemouth from the US. The company, which has its headquarters in Switzerland, is taking journalists out to dinner in Edinburgh this evening, putting them up in a hotel overnight, and then giving them breakfast on a boat on the Firth of Forth. The plan is to meet an INEOS gas…

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